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Absolute Database

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Drop Index SQL Example
This sample illustrates use of DROP INDEX statement.
This SQL script contains six queries.
First one deletes table named "developers".
The second creates this table with 3 fields.
Query #3 inserts some data into the table.
The fourth creates index so that "name"+"code" combination must be unique, for field "name" sorting order is descending and is case-insensitive. The new index is given name "UniqueName".
The fifth query deletes index "UniqueName" from table "developers".
The sixth query retrieves all rows from this table.

drop table developers;
create table developers (
id AutoInc, 
Code Integer, 
Name varchar(20)
insert into developers (code, name) values (2, 'Janet');
create unique index UniqueName ON  developers (name desc nocase, code);
drop index developers.UniqueName;
select * from developers;

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Current version: 7.94
Released: February 08, 2023
Price: $ 149


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