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TZipForge    Example

Updates files stored within the archive.

UpdateFiles; overload;
         FileMask:    String;
         SearchAttr:    Word = faAnyFile;
         ExclusionMask: String = ''); overload;

Use UpdateFiles to update files stored within the open archive file. UpdateFiles searches for extrenal files specified by FileMask,SearchAttr and ExclusionMask parameters and BaseDir property and synchronizes them with files stored within the archive. UpdateFiles uses Options.OverwriteMode to determine how to overwrite existing files inside the archive with external files from BaseDir. If Options.Recurse is set to True, UpdateFiles will search files recursively.

UpdateFiles variant without parameters uses FileMasks, ExclusionMasks and Options.SearchAttr to specify search conditions and to exclude files from update operation.

The FileMask parameter is the directory and file name mask, including wildcard characters. For example, 'TEST\*.*' specifies all files in the TEST directory stored within the archive file. All files that meets FileMask and SearchAttr will be updated.

The SearchAttr parameter specifies the special files to include in addition to all normal files. This parameter is similar to the Attr parameter in FindFirst function from SysUtils unit. You can set it to any combination of faReadOnly, faHidden, faSysFile, faVolumeID, faDirectory, faArchive constants defined in SysUtils or value faAnyFile meaning that any file meets search condition.

The ExclusionMask specifies files to be excluded from update operation.

Note: If you need to update certain files without compression set NoCompressionMasks property. If some errors occurs an exception will be raised. Write an OnProcessFileFailure event handler to perform your own error handling.
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        © 2003 - 2024 ComponentAce  | .net zip component | barcode for .net | delphi zip component | delphi database Jul 14, 2024