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Occurs before application will overwrite existing file.


public static event OnConfirmOverwriteDelegate OnConfirmOverwrite;

public delegate void OnConfirmOverwriteDelegate(object sender, string sourceFileName, string destFileName, ref bool confirm);



Public Shared Event OnConfirmOverwrite As OnConfirmOverwriteDelegate

Public Delegate Sub OnConfirmOverwriteDelegate(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal sourceFileName As String, ByVal destFileName As String, ByRef confirm As Boolean)




Write a OnConfirmOverwrite event handler to perform some specific actions before overwriting file or to cancel it. OnConfirmOverwrite event can be triggered by AddFiles, MoveFiles, UpdateFiles or ExtractFiles before overwriting existing file if Options.OverwriteMode = omPrompt.


The sender parameter is the object whose event handler is called. 


SourceFileName indicates the name of the file that will overwrite existing file.


DestFileName indicates the name of the file being overwritten. Set destFileName if you want to save this file with different name instead of overwriting existing file.


Confirm determines if file will be overwritten. Set confirm to False if you want to cancel overwriting existing file. Default value for confirm is True.


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