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Specifies the encryption algorithm used for archive updating.



public ComponentAce.Compression.FlexCompress.CryptoAlgorithm CryptoAlgorithm { get; set; }

public enum CryptoAlgorithm













Public Property CryptoAlgorithm As CryptoAlgorithm


Public Enum CryptoAlgorithm

     ' Fields

     Blowfish = 4

     DESSingle = 2

     DESTriple = 3

     Rijndael128 = 0

     Rijndael256 = 1

     Square = 7

     Twofish128 = 5

     Twofish256 = 6

End Enum




Use this property to specify the encryption algorithm used for adding, moving or updating files.


FlexCompress provides five different encryption algorithms to create really secure archives. Most of other compression libraries implement only ZIP-compatible encryption scheme. Nowadays ZIP password of 8 symbols length can be retrieved on any workstation after only some hours. FlexCompress uses only well known ciphers tested by the best cryptography experts in the world during a long time. This solution provides strong protection for your archive files.

You can read more about these ciphers at Encryption algorithms topic.


Set CryptoAlgorithm to desired value before adding, moving or updating files.

CryptoAlgorithm can be set to any of the following values:



Value                                    Meaning                                                                                  

caRijndael_128        Rijndael, 128 bit key. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) winner

caRijndael_256        Rijndael, 256 bit key. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) winner

caDES_Single        Single DES (not implemented yet)

caDES_Triple        Triple DES  (not implemented yet)

caBlowfish        Blowfish, 448 bit key  (not implemented yet)

caTwofish_128        Twofish, 128 bit key  (not implemented yet)

caTwofish_256        Twofish, 256 bit key  (not implemented yet)

caSquare        Square  (not implemented yet)


Note:    You should not set CryptoAlgorithm before extracting or testing files. FlexCompress automatically detects which cipher was used to encrypt the file.

All you need is to set Password property to the appropriate value for the file being extarcted or tested.

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