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Gain the power of compression and encryption


FlexCompress is a high-speed compression library developed to provide archive functionality for your applications. This solution provides flexible compression and strong encryption algorithms that allows you to integrate archiving or backup features into your programs in a fast and easy way.


FlexCompress includes our new unique technology, a transaction system. This innovative solution gives you a rapid and simple way of updating archive files providing data integrity like a reliable database system.


Key features:

Creates archive files of custom format having better compression rate than WinZip and WinRar
100% managed code without unsafe blocks, written in C#
Adds, moves, extracts, deletes, updates, tests, refreshes a group of files by a single operation
Creates encrypted archives using strong encryption algorithms
Creates self-extracting (SFX) archives
Performs regularly archive updates using transactions that allows canceling all modifications at any time in case of some failures. Also this technology optimizes the speed of the archive modification
Compresses large files with low memory consumption
Comprehensive help; lots of demos


Save your time of development


Rapidly add archiving or backup capabilities to an application with FlexCompress. Simplify the process of developing advanced features in an application using this new well documented product containing lots of demos.


Use a cost-effective solution


FlexCompress can help provide return on investment by capitalizing on new, revenue-generating software with respond to requests from new prospects at low cost, allowing you to extend your reach to new markets.


Serve your customers' needs


Offer a full range of conveniences to your users:

Reduce the size of user documents, compressing their files
Protect information from unauthorized access, encrypting their documents
Increase the speed of data transmission, compressing files
Make self-extracting archives for easy redistribution of their files


Enjoy it!


Have a pleasure of developing perfect applications with well-designed FlexCompress. Enjoy the getting free help from our knowledgeable consultants at any time.



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