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Changes settings of a database file.

function ChangeDatabaseSettings(var Log: String; IgnoreErrors: Boolean; NewPassword: String; NewCryptoAlgorithm: TABSCryptoAlgorithm = DefaultCryptoAgorithm; NewPageSize: Integer = DefaultPageSize; NewPageCountInExtent: Integer = DefaultExtentPageCount; NewMaxConnections: Integer = DefaultMaxSessionCount): Boolean;

Call ChangeDatabaseSettings to encrypt or decrypt database file, to change its crypto algorithm or to specify new page settings.

The Log parameter contains information about the errors occured.

Set IgnoreErrors to true if you want to ignore errors caused by corrupted data and to false otherwise.

The NewPassword parameter value different from default blank string indicates that the data is to be encrypted by this password. If NewPassword is blank then the file is decrypted.

NewCryptoAlgorithm specifies new algorithm used to encrypt database file.

Set NewPageSize if you want to optimize database file for extra small or large database size.
Allowed page size values are 100 - 65536 bytes. The default value is 4096.

Set NewPageCountInExtent parameter if you want to optimize database file for extra small or large database size.
The default value is 8.

Set NewMaxConnections parameter if you want to increase or decrease allowed number of simultaneously connected users.
The default value is 500.

Changing settings could be a lengthy process if you are working with large database. Use BeforeChangeDatabaseSettings, OnChangeDatabaseSettingsProgress and AfterChangeDatabaseSettings event handlers to display the progress of changing database settings process.

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