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Differences from the BDE
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Absolute DB Engine compiles right into execuatable and doesn't require any installation.
Absolute DB Engine compiles into exe and doesn't require any DLLs or OCXs.
Absolute DB supports strong encryption of a databse file.
Blob Fields Compression
Absolute DB is capable to compress BLOB fields by ZLib, BZip and PPM compression algorithms.
In-Memory Tables
In-Memory tables support in Absolute DB provides interface similar to disk tables, please refer to the In-Memory Tables topic.
BatchMove functionality is provided by BatchMove method of TABSTable component.
Multi-user access is controlled by the MultiUser property of the TABSDatabase component. See also the Locking and Multi-User Access topic.
Absolute DB Multi-User Edition supports transactions with Read-Commited isolation level only.
Alias and Driver
Absolute DB uses DatabaseFileName property of TABSDatabase component to specify database instead of alias and driver options of the BDE.
Data Types
See the Field Data Types topic.
See the Maximum Capacity Specifications topic.

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