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Describes parameters of the file stored within the archive file.



type TZFArchiveItem = packed record
FileName:      String;
StoredPath:      String;
CompressedSize:   Integer;
UncompressedSize:   Integer;
CompressionRate:   Double;
Encrypted:      Boolean;
LastModFileDate:   Word;
LastModFileTime:   Word;
CRC:         LongInt;
ExternalFileAttributes:   LongWord;
Comment: String;
Handle:      TInternalSearchRec;   


TZFArchiveItem value indicates parameters of the file found by FindFirst or FindNext.

FileName is a name of the file stored within the archive.

StoredPath is a path to this file inside the archive.

CompressedSize is a size in bytes of the compressed file.

UncompressedSize is a size in bytes of the uncompressed file.

CompressionRate indicate compression rate for this file.
CompressionRate = (1 - CompressedSize / UncompressedSize) * 100.0

Encrypted indicates if file is encrypted with Password.

LastModFileDate and LastModFileTime indicates a last modification date of the file. These values stored in DOS date format. It can be converted to a TDateTime value using FileDateToDateTime. Here is small example of such conversion:
FileDate := ArchiveItem.LastModFileDate shl 16 +

CRC is a CRC32 check sum of the compressed file.

ExternalFileAttributes indicates extermal file attributes. This value can be any combination of faReadOnly, faHidden, faSysFile, faVolumeID, faDirectory, faArchive constants defined in SysUtils. If Options.SetAttributes is set to True then ExtractFiles will set these attributes to the extracted file.

Comment is a comment of the file stored in the archive.

Note: Do not modify Handle field of this record. It is used by FindFirst and FindNext methods.
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        © 2003 - 2023 ComponentAce  | .net zip component | barcode for .net | delphi zip component | delphi database Jun 05, 2023