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Occurs when archive operation with a group of files updates a progress indication value.


public event OnOverallProgressDelegate OnOverallProgress;

public delegate void OnOverallProgressDelegate(object sender, double progress, ProcessOperation operation, ProgressPhase progressPhase, bool cancel);



Public Event OnOverallProgress As OnOverallProgressDelegate

Public Delegate Sub OnOverallProgressDelegate(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal progress As Double, ByVal operation As ProcessOperation, ByVal progressPhase As ProgressPhase, ByVal cancel As Boolean)




Write an OnOverallProgress event handler to display progress of the operation on a group of files or to cancel it. OnOverallProgress event is triggered by AddFiles, MoveFiles, UpdateFiles, DeleteFiles, TestFiles or ExtractFiles when current archive operation on a group of files updates a progress indication value.


The Sender parameter is the object whose event handler is called. 


Progress indicates progress for the current group operation in percents.


Operation indicates current archive operation.


Cancel determines if current group operation should be cancelled. Set Cancel to True if you want to cancel executing of the current group operation. Default value for Cancel is False.

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