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UPDATE Command
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An UPDATE statement is used to directly change or modify the values stored in one or more fields in a specified record in a single table.


UPDATE [ MEMORY ] table_name SET column_name = { expression | query } [, ...] [ WHERE condition ]
UPDATE [ MEMORY ] table_name SET ( column_names_list ) = { row_query } [ WHERE condition ]


UPDATE changes the values of the specified columns in all rows that satisfy the condition. Only the columns to be modified need be mentioned in the SET clause; columns not explicitly modified retain their previous values.
You can use sub-selects to modify a table using information contained in other tables in the database.

If MEMORY keyword is specified before the table_name then an in-memory table is referenced, not a disk one.  

The name of an existing table.  

column _name
The name of a column in a table.  

An expression or a value to assign to a column.  
A scalar query (SELECT statement) that supplies the single value to be assigned. Refer to the SELECT command for a description of the syntax.  

An expression that returns a value of type boolean. Only rows for which this expression returns true will be updated.  

A list of a column names in a table.  
A row query (SELECT statement) that supplies the single or multiple values to be assigned to the listed columns. Refer to the SELECT command for a description of the syntax.  


UPDATE MyTable SET val2 = 'Many' WHERE val1 > 2;  
UPDATE Events e SET Ticket_price = (SELECT Capacity FROM Venues WHERE VenueNo=e.VenueNo)*2 WHERE Ticket_price <= 5  
UPDATE Orders SET (ShipToAddr1,ShipToAddr2) = (SELECT Addr1, Addr2 FROM Customer WHERE CustNo=Orders.CustNo) WHERE CustNo IN (1221, 2156)  

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