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Performs the batch records move operation specified by Mode.

procedure BatchMove(SourceTableOrQuery: TABSDataSet; MoveType: TABSBatchMoveType; DstTableIndexNameToIdentifyEqualRecords: String = '');

Call BatchMove to perform the batch records move operation from source table or query to the current table.

SourceTableOrQuery is a dataset of a table or query to move records from.
MoveType specifies whether the BatchMove procedure should add records, replace records, delete records, or copy the Source.
DstTableIndexNameToIdentifyEqualRecords may specify index in destination table which will be used to associate records in source and destination tables.

Specified Index is used to associate records in source and destination tables (to decide whether records are equal or not).
If DstTableIndexNameToIdentifyEqualRecords parameter is blank then BatchMove uses index currently set in destination table.
If there is no active index in the destination table, then BatchMove uses primary index from the destination table.
If there is no primary index, then a temporary index is created on a fields existing in both tables.


If possible index is temporarily created for the source table too, to speed up move operation.

Use BeforeBatchMove, OnBatchMoveProgress and AfterBatchMove events to display progress of potentially long batch operation.

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