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TABSBlobStream is a stream object that provides services which allow applications to read from or write to field objects that represent Binary large object (BLOB) fields.


Use TABSBlobStream to access or modify the value of a BLOB field object. BLOB field objects are TBlobField objects and descendants of TBlobField such as TGraphicField and TMemoField. BLOB fields use BLOB streams to implement a lot of of their data access properties and methods.
TABSBlobStream allows objects to write to or read from BLOB field data of any type by means of using the uniform stream interface.
To use a BLOB stream, create an instance of TABSBlobStream, use the methods of the stream to read or write the data, and then free the BLOB stream. Do not use the same instance of TABSBlobStream to access data from more than one record. Instead, create a new TABSBlobStream object every time you need to read or write BLOB data on a new record.

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