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Restructuring Tables
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Use Absolute Database DBManager utility (...\AbsoluteDatabase\Ultils\Bin\DBManager.exe), if you would like to change table structure manually.

To alter table from your application using TABSTable component, you could perform the following steps:

1.Open existing table to fill in RestructureFieldDefs and RestructureIndexDefs properties.  
2.Close table.  
3.Modify RestructureFieldDefs and RestructureIndexDefs properties (add, delete or change fields and indexes descriptions)  
4.Call RestructureTable method  


  Log: String;

  {set up table component}

  ABSTable1.DatabaseName := 'emp_db'
  ABSTable1.TableName := 'employee'
  {fill in restructure properties}


  with ABSTable1 do
     {specifying new table fields}

     with RestructureFieldDefs do
     {specifying new table indexes}

     with RestructureIndexDefs do

     if (RestructureTable(Log)) then
       ShowMessage('Restructure completed'
       ShowMessage('Restructure errors: '

Note:   See also how to alter table using SQL ALTER TABLE Command.

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